AK (FBM ) 260

If you have any you would like posted, feel free to send them to me.
It would be nice to know names, dates, etc.
Here are some photos of the replenishment of the Forrestal in the Med.  I think that the first photo was taken as we were preparing to come alongside the Forrestal before the replenishment, but, after these many years, I'm not sure it was before or after the replenishment.  I have found a letter that I wrote dated 19 June 1957, while we were in Barcelona, after arriving there on 15 June.  In the letter, I stated that "We are leaving Barcelona Friday morning - going to sea and we will replenish the Foorrestal underway.  Then we get to Villefranche on Monday."  Tom Lilly

Coming along side the Forrestal

Getting closer

Forrestal elevator

Looking up