AK (FBM ) 260

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  Beteleguse aground Cape Hatteras Jan 1976

Betelgeuse aground newspaper article

I've attached a photo of the Betelgeuse that I took in January 1976.  At the time, I was the news director for the only radio stations on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (WOBR-AM/FM), and we were doing a live remote broadcast about the ship.  We did the live broadcast since a group of locals had claimed ownership of the "abandoned" ship under some ancient maritime law (they had actually tied a rope and anchor to it. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see the anchor line near the stern of the ship.) The salvage company who was towing the ship to Brownsville, Texas, eventually had to pay the local group (an undisclosed sum) to get their ship back!
By the way, the ship did not run aground at Cape Hatteras, but in the Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo area of the beach (approximately 25 miles north of Cape Hatteras.)

Rick Harden

USS Betelgeuse agound Jan 1976