AK (FBM ) 260
Reunion news

2016 Association Officers
President - Richard Lawell
Vice President - Robert Stadler
Secretary/Treasurer - Arthur Miller
 Chaplain - Jay Ebreth
Internet - Elmer Brown
Ship's Historian - Bob Scannell

As Arthur Miller and Bobby Cribb were the driving force behind the Reunio Association and the reunions and they have both passed away there are no future plans for reunions at this time.

2016 Reunion

We are once again attempting to have a Ships Reunion. I am looking at the first weekend of April which is April Fools day. I really do need some input from you guys the shipmates since we had to cancel the 2015 reunion due to the lack of interest.  I hope to see a renewal for the reunion for 2016. What I need from you guys is a response to let me know if you are planning to attend. If you already know that you are coming, please let me know. The quicker I get some good feed back, the quicker I can get started on this end. So I will keep this short and look forward to hearing from you.

Bobby Cribb email:

2015 Reunion

The 2015 USS Betelgeuse AK (FBM) 260 reunion will be held in North Charleston, South Carolina April 24-26 2015. The location is Best Western Plus 2470 Prospect Dr. North Charleston, SC 29408. The hotel is about 7 miles from the Charleston International Airport, with easy access to and from interstate 26.


The cost this year will be $99.00 plus tax per night. The dead line date for making your reservation is April 1st 2015 to guarantee that rate. Please DO NOT call the toll free number to make reservations. The number to call is 1-843-574-0911. ( corrected 1/28/15 )  Be sure to tell the desk clerk that you are making reservation for the USS Betelgeuse reunion.


The 2014 reunion was attended by 16 shipmates. It was small but went well. New officers were elected. 


The USS Betelgeuse reunion is scheduled for April 24-27 2014 at the Best Western Plus, 2470 Prospect Dr. North Charleston SC.

The reservation number is 1-843-574-0186. Cost for the rooms are $99.00 plus tax with a choice of one king bed or two queen beds. Reservations are required to be made by April 1st. Also, when you call for a reservation be sure to tell the attendant that you are with the USS Betelgeuse Reunion. If you need a handicap room let them know.

We will begin at about 5PM Thursday April 24th in the hospitality room of the hotel with a Pizza party meet and greet welcoming.

The cost of the reunion this year is set at $40.00 per person attending.  Plus Association member's dues which are $10 per year and should be made payable to:

USS Betelgeuse 260 C/O Arthur Miller 
and mailed to: 
USS Betelgeuse 260 C/O Arthur Miller
8612 Delhi Road
North Charleston, SC 29406
Arthur's Phone 1-843-343-1653

          Dues are also due by the 1st of April. So for the shipmate it is a total of $50.00 plus the $40.00 for a spouse or significant other.

Schedule for the weekend is;

Thursday: 5pm Welcoming at the hotel hospitality room.

Friday: 6:30 Dinner at the hotel

Saturday:  We will have an all hands on deck meeting at 9 AM in the hospitality room to discuss reunion association business.

Saturday: Dinner at the hotel at 6 PM.

Further information: I would like to encourage each of you to go to the Naval Base Museum and see the USS Betelgeuse Memorial.
You can also call me at 1-843-901-9888
Bobby Cribb
USS Betelgeuse Reunion Association

Due to lack interest our 2013 reunion has been cancelled. See Bobby Cribb's email below:

Betelgeuse Shipmates, Today is Jan 31 2013
This is not the best day in the life of the USS Betelgeuse Reunion Association. But there will not a 2013 reunion due to the poor response form previous e-mails. Out of One Hundred and One (101) on the email list, there has only been SIX(6) positive responses. With that number there is no way to find a place to hold a reunion. For those six that responded positive I would say Thank You. There are various reasons the response was not good. I know each of you have your own reason.
Also, I spoke with Arthur today only to find out that he has just spent 4 days in the hospital and has some medical issues. So unless there is a drastic change within a couple of weeks there will not be a 2013 reunion.
So, with all that said, I ask the question, Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do about it?
Let Arthur and me what to do and we will try. He has only received dues from 5 people. And keep Arthur in you prayers. If you get the chance, give him a call.
Bobby Cribb

And from Walter Tucker:

We're all older and less strong.

A quote from Dr. Seuss is appropriate    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

We shall always be grateful to Art, Joanne, Bobby, and all who worked hard to make the reunions happy occasions.

Thanks for the precious memories.

Walter and Jackie Tucker
Richmond, VA
Betelgeuse Supply Department May 1955-Ocober 1956

Reunions are held annually in Goose Creek, SC. The dates of our 22st annual reunion are April 19 - 22, 2012. 

Scroll down for Details.

Please note that the reunion association mailing list is not generated from the web site.

Details for April 19 - 22, 2012 reunion:
To: USS Betelgeuse AK 260 Shipmates
I am writing this on behalf of Arthur Miller and the USS Betelgeuse AK-260 Reunion Association. We will be having our reunion in April 19-22 at the Quality Inn, 303 Redbank Rd. Goose Creek, SC. Our meals will again be served at the Fleet Reserve in Goose Creek. The cost of the reunion is $85.00 per person. The room rate is $85.00 plus tax. You must call the Quality Inn to make your reservation if you are staying at the Quality Inn. The Phone number is 1-866-611-6769.
The dead line for notifying Arthur if you are coming is April 1st 2012. Also please send Arthur the cost of the reunion ($85.00) by April 1st 2012. This is necessary so Arthur and his wife can notify the Fleet Reserve how many will be coming so they can prepare the right amount of food for the dinners.
We will be having snacks on Thursday night for those arriving early. We will be having dinner at the Fleet Reserve on Friday and Saturday night.
            The membership dues are collected by Arthur Miller and can be mailed to him at USS Betelgeuse Reunion Association c/o Arthur Miller 8612 Delhi Rd. North Charleston, SC 29406. Dues are $10.00.You can also call him at 843-343-1653.
Bobby Cribb
USS Betelgeuse AK 260

Details for April 28 - May 1, 2011 reunion:
The 2011 reunion will be in Goose Creek South Carolina at the Quality Inn.  Their contact information is as follows. Quality Inn 103 Red Bank Rd. Goose Greek SC 29445. Phone 843-572-9500. The rates for the reunion is $69.95 per night. Check in time is 3:00 PM, Check out time is 11:00 AM.
As for the reunion. The cost for the reunion is $85.00 Per Person. Reunion dues are $10.00 Per year. This includes  snacks and sandwiches Thursday starting about 5PM. It also includes the meals Friday and Saturday night at the VFW next door to the Quality Inn. Arthur is still working on getting our Memorial stone placed at the Charleston Naval Shipyard Museum. The dates for the 2011 reunion is April 28 to May 1st 2011. Most of you have Arthur's contact information. But it USS Betelgeuse AK-260 C/O Arthur Miller 8612 Delhi Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406 Phone 843-343-1653.
This next part is from me and me only.
I would like to request the if you are planning to attend the reunion, that you Please let Arthur know by aboutApril 1 2011 by sending him the money $85.00 for the reunion and the Annual dues of $10.00. So many times he has had shipmates show up at the last minute. He has also had people tell him they are coming and not show up. This puts an undue burden on the planning for the number of people that will be there.
Looking forward to seeing you in April 2011.
Bobby Cribb

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 19th annual reunion:

  Well, We got through our 19th reunion. I had a lot of complaints from shipmates about the hotel and I can understand. We will not be returning to the Ramada for our 20th reunion.
  We voted to have Bobby Cribb do a site search for our 20th reunion. Bobby did a super job in checking out other establishments but some of the food costs and room rates were outrageous. We decided on the Quality Inn in Goose Creek.
  The room rates are $69.99 and we will utilize the Fleet Reserve, Branch #269 for all our functions. The parking lots join one another and it will be convenient for everyone. I have blocked thirty roooms and the reunion dates are April 22-25, 2010 for our 20th reunion. We can have more rooms if needed. I have removed all of our artifacts from the Ramada and have stored them at my home. I also changed the vendor who does our hats and shirts and I hope they will let me buy them at a better price.
  I had a granite company donate stone that I hope to place at the Charleston Navy Shipyard Memorial for our 20th reunion. The stone would have cost $650.00. I hope everyone palns to attend our 20th reunion. If anyone desires more information please call me at 843-343-1653.
God Bless,

PS: Registration for the 2010 reunion to cover Thursday, Friday and Saturday night's food is $85.00 per person. Send checks to Arthur Miller.

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 15th annual reunion:

  Our 15th annual reunion was enjoyed by 62 in attendance. Of course many of our shipmates are unable to attend due to illness. Mr. Ray Riedel has taken the task of notifying everyone about our reunion. His letter is very truthful as to how we conduct ourselves at our reunions. We allhave a good time and that is the way we like it. Of course the price is very reasonable compared to other reunions. We had Mr. Danny Sterling who performs as Elvis and he put on a great show. He will be backfor our 16th reunion April 20, 21 and 22 2006. The Clarion Hotel is very nice to us every year and I want to thank them for it. (You are always welcome here Arthur, CW).
   We had a photographer who took a group photo. They were very nice and did a good job. I also want to thank Elmer Brown and Bobby Cribb for their  work on the internet. Also, A big thanks to Mary & Bobby Cribb for the Betelgeuse Cake. Finally yet importantly, I want to thank my wife for the food on Thursday night. As Ray Riedel stated in hid letter, we always have plenty of food.

  You are welcome to make any comments concerning our reunion. I hope everyone and more will plan to be with April 20-22, 2006.

God Bless,

PS: Thanks again to all who came and thanks to Ray for the nice letter.

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 14th annual reunion:

   Our 14th annual reunion was a great success with 60 people in attendance. We all realize that a lot of our shipmates are too ill to attend, and we wish you all well. We have a lot of great memories and hold you all dear to our hearts.

    We have a lot of great things planned for the 2005 reunion. It will be held April 21st - 24th at the Clarion Hotel Charleston Airport. It will be a time that you will not want to miss. Please try and contact as many shipmates as you can to let them know what a great time we have at the reunion. A thank you to Elmer Brown is in order for his work on our web site because without it, we would not be able to reach many of our shipmates. If anyone has any ideas on how we can improve anything, please feel free to call me.

    I would like to thank Bobby Cribb and his wife, Mary, for the delicious and beautiful cake. Also I want to thank my wife and all the people that helped with the food. As always, I feel that there is plenty of food from Thursday to Saturday. It was a shame that the weather kept us from having the Luau by the pool. However, it was just as fun and beautiful in the ballroom.

    If you need any additional information on the coming reunion, please do not hesitate to call me.
God Bless,
Arthur L. Miller

    PS: Mrs. Barbara Tollison would like to hear shipmates that have served with her husband Melvin Tollison. You can write her at 1205 Pine Ridge Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32117.

Included in Arthur's letter were additional articles. One was a newspaper article about the Betelgeuse and how the ship was used for resupply of the Polaris submarine base in Holy Loch, Scotland. The other article is from a  1976 newspaper in Milton, PA. about the Christ Episcopal Church in Milton, PA. needing a bell to ring in the bicentennial year and the Betelgeuse's ships bell was then given to the chruch on indefinite loan from the Navy Department. I would like to post both of these articles on the web site when I can get better copies.

Names of those who attended our 14th annual reunion:

Henry E Allen  Jerry Elm,   Thomas E. Allen,   Robert L. Brittian,   Bob Baumhower,   Larry Brown,   Richard M. Clark,
Paul F. Darrah,   Buford Fortson,   Norman Gray,   John Harper,   Herman K. Jestes,   Bill Jernigan,   Jerry Kiefer,
Thomas G. Lilly,   William LaRosa,   Harry A. Leiniger,   Richard C. Lowe,  Denis Madsen,   Dale E. Powell,
Henry W. Varnadore,   Russell Van Blair,   Harry E. Williams,   Walter Williams Jr.,   Lonnie Decell,  Dale Shepperd, Thomas Dougherty, Bobby Cribb &  Arthur Miller

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 13th annual reunion:

    Our 13th annual reunion was enjoyed by the 36 members in attendance. We all had a great time and as always, we vowed to work harder for our 14th reunion at the Clarion Hotel on April 22-25, 2004. The hospitality room was enjoyed by all, and many thanks to my wife who prepared all the food and planned the menus for Friday and Saturday nights. The luau on Friday night was a great success, and the food was just delicious. The program was put on by the employees of the hotel was just outstanding and it really caught me by surprise. The attire worn by our shipmates and wives was so colorful. The new name tags and the leis blended in very well. As always the Clarion Hotel is really accommodating and gracious to us each year, and I want to thank them for all they do for us. They always make my job a lot easier. Howard Letts, the General Manager and Alastair James, the Director of Sales were named honorary members of the ship. I hope that our reunion in 2004 will have more shipmates and wives attending. We may be small in numbers, but I feel that we could not find a better group of people anywhere. We have a lot of shipmates and wives that are ill, and I want everyone to remember them in their prayers. I also hope that everyone will plan to be with us in 2004. 

God bless,
Arthur L. Miller

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 12th reunion:

    Our 12th annual reunion was enjoyed by the 43 in attendance. We all realize that a lot of us are getting older and are unable to attend every year. I want to thank Dale Powell for his gifts that were auctioned off to help our association. I also want to thank Bobby Cribb for all he does with the music. We purchased a CD player to make things easier. Elmer Brown has arranged our own web site at Elmer has been a lot of help to our association. I also want to thank my wife for all the hard work that she does in selecting our menu and for the food that is provided in the hospitality room, without her it would be a lot harder for all of us. We were unable to to have our fish fry on Friday at the Air Force Base due to security reasons, instead we did a cook out by the pool at the Clarion, which everyone enjoyed. Saturday evenings "Pig Pickin" buffet was also a great success. 
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions before our next reunion on April 24-27, 2003 at the Clarion Hotel, Charleston Airport in North Charleston, South Carolina. I hope all of you will make plans to be with us.     

God Bless,
Arthur Miller

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 11th reunion:

  Our 11th reunion was enjoyed by the 56 in attendance. We all realize that a lot of us are unable to attend due to illness. My wife and I want to thank everyone for the gift. We enjoy having people apprpreciate the work that we do, especially my wife. Without her it would be hard to have all that good food. I also want to thank Bobby Cribb for all he does on the internet and also for putting on the music on Friday and Saturday night. The Smokin Gun had to slow down his activities due to heart problems. I also want to thank Tom Lilly for the speech concerning Captain Thatcher. Shipmate Elmer Brown has placed our ship on the web and we want to thank Elmer for his hard work. I realize that this newsletter is a little late. Everyone this year that pays dues will receive an up to date listing of shipmates. There will also be a list of sick and deceased shipmates.
    Our 12th reunion will be held April 25-28, 2002 at the Clarion Hotel in North Charleston, South Carolina. I hope everyone will make plans to be with us.

God Bless,
Arthur Miller

PS: if you need any information, please call me at 1-843-797-7727.

Following is Arthur Miller's letter about the 10th reunion:

    Our tenth reunion was attended by only 47 shipmates, wives and friends. We all had a wonderful time. Everyone enjoyed the food, entertainment and the renewal of old friendships. For those of you that were unable to attend, I hope you be able to be with us April 26-29, 2001 at the Northwoods Atrium Inn in North Charleston, SC. We have several shipmates that formed a group on the internet to find new members, as we all know reunions are not for everyone and it is hard to convince some of our shipmates to attend. Of course we have alot of shipmates and wives that are to sick to attend. We should all remember them in our prayers for a speedy recovery.
    I have been in contact with the Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial and I intend to place all of our Association Members names on their mailing list. It was voted on at our 10th reunion that our reunion board along with other artifacts be placed in the memorial when space is available. Our ship will get alot more exposure as people visit the memorial.
    I still have patches for sale at $2.50 along with hats, which are just $11 mailed. I would like for everyone to please help the sale of the hats and patches. If you have not paid your dues I encourage you to do so. As you know it takes funding to run a reunion. We have alot of hard working shipmates that contribute alot of time to make our reunion strong, and I thank them for that.
    Election of officers were held as stated above.

Very Respectfully,
Arthur Miller

PS: if you need any information, please call me at 1-843-797-7727.